February 29, 2020 /

Destination Weddings



I have had the honor of photographing Destination Weddings all around the world.  There is something magical and inspiring for me about traveling in general.  It is one of my favorite things to do!  Destination Weddings allow me to capture new surroundings, food, people, and smells – and always fosters my creativity yielding beautiful results when it’s time to photograph the wedding.

If you are traveling for your wedding, I always recommend bringing a photographer with you, whether it be domestic or international.  When traveling abroad, it is especially helpful in countries where they may be a language barrier.

This applies to other wedding professionals as well.  If you like a wedding professional – bring them with you.  Hair & Makeup, Videography, and an amazing Destination Wedding Planner should be ‘must haves’ on your list.  They will make your wedding flow much smoother.  We adore working with Destination Wedding Planners.  They Make our jobs sooo much easier and allow us to focus on the couple and their friends and family.