Albums & Books

We honor the uniqueness of our clients by offering exquisite handmade albums bound and printed in New Zealand with the best quality material sources from around the world. There are very few photographers in the country that carry the Artisan Queensberry albums, and we are ecstatic to be able to offer these to you. 

Our Bowery Coffee Table Book boasts of clean lines and is for anyone looking for a nontraditional album.

Coffee Table Book

The Bowery

Wedding Day, Bridal, Engagement, Rehersal Dinner, Parents

A refined and sophisticated take on printed books using the latest printing and binding technology to deliver a high-end, high-capacity coffee table book.

Modern Panoramic Album

The Flush Mount

Wedding Day, Bridal, Engagement, Rehersal Dinner, Parents

The luxurious Flush Mount Album is made to stand the test of time in both durability and style. Our cover materials come from the best quality sources from around the world – fine silk fabrics from Japan and exceptional leather from France and Germany. We offer several cover styles.

Couture French Album

The Musée

Wedding Day

Musée is French for museum, and it’s been said that turning the pages of this album is like walking through the halls of an art museum. 100% cotton watercolour paper from the French Arches ® mill. Arches is traditionally thought to date back to 1492. Arches: pronounced arsh. Musée pages are matted with trimmed edges. Each book has a logo individually created for you using your first name initials.