Like discussed in my previous two posing articles, the number one concern every couple has is posing.  They want it to look natural, they want it to be authentic, and mostly they don’t want it to be too staged.

It is not natural to get your photo taken.  So I am not coming in with the mindset that you already know what you are doing.  I have been doing this for close to 15 years and can tell you that the best shots I get are when the couple is relaxed, enjoying the moment, and having fun with one another.

When it comes to taking couples’ portraits, I do typically start out with a few traditional photos so that we have those for parents.  Then, depending on the amount of time we have as well as the location we are at, we can get as creative as we want.  Some couples love the Vanity Fair/Vogue look and want striking portraits while others just want to have fun and be in the moment. I love both.

Laughing Photos
If you want those laughing/cracking up moments captured, then have an inside joke or some kind of secret that you know the other one will crack up about.  Spring it on them in the middle of taking photos.  My favorite moments are when their is an outbreak of uncontrollable laughter.  Some times to do this I will make the couple do a staring contest really closely to see who breaks first.

Walking Shots
Sounds easy?  But with new slippery tux shoes and/or a wedding dress it can be harder than it sounds.  The main thing is to make sure you keep your head up and are walking with good posture – again keeping those shoulders rolled back.  It drives me crazy when couples look down at their feet.  Interact with one another while you are walking.  Ex…bumping into one another, flirting with one another, telling each other a joke, or just making the other spouse laugh.

Kissing Shots
Some of my favorite photos are when the two noses are extremely close like in a kissing photo.  Not all kissing photos have to be the same.  I love it when one spouse takes the lead and grabs the other spouse’s face to really make the shot look passionate and intimate.  The important thing to take from this is to enjoy the moments before and after the kiss too, as those make exceptionally beautiful photos.  Take the time to come in and rub noses or stare into each other’s eyes, and then go in for the kiss – slowly pulling away with your eyes shut when you are finished.  Just make sure you are not covering up each other’s faces.  Stop to take a pause and just rest forehead to forehead.  These are just examples, but what I am always looking for is the story I am telling, the moments that lead up to the kiss.

I will guide you the rest of the way.